Welcome to the Rinqe Platform! It's so simple to use, easy to upload content and entertaining to watch. 

Sign up to Rinqe, and follow the prompts to walk through the steps to create your own Stream. Click on the background you would like to use, or upload your own. Click on the Title page to create your own personal header and you are ready to go! Now simply upload your content from any device.


We can also tell you everything you need to know about your views, and we can provide you with analytics. If you want to know who is watching your content and how many views there are, what uploads are most popular and which content is shared, just click on your personal analytics page, and it's all broken down for you. The intuitive learning built into the system will also suggest to you what your viewers would like to see more of, based on their viewing behaviour. 

If you click yes to engagement, your viewers can reach out to you directly through our messaging system, and you can chat to them in real time. Your privacy and security is a top priority for us here at Rinqe, so we have enabled a blocking function which you can switch on at any point in your Rinqe journey.

Any questions or comments, we would love to hear them. Suggestions welcome too! Email us at [email protected]